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Remi Juliebø
Graphic designer / illustrator

Currently placed in Oslo at
Westerdals School Of Communication

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E-Mail: Remi@painbucket.com
Mob: (+47) 94376919

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Hello! It's been a while since something has happened here. And it's pretty much the same in the "real" world as well.
I have, however enough to make a small update, but it isn't Christmas. That's for sure.
Well, I finally added some traditional design in my portfolio. The Visual profile for Westerdals Kompetanse. As team leader, I can say that I'm really proud of the outcome and of the people on my team. Good work. I also added two illustrations from the Far Coast competition. They didn't win anything, but you might see them hanging around in the coffee shop at Majorstua. Also El Cuero wanted a default-poster, so I didn't have to make a new one each time they had a gig. And they have a LOT of gigs. Check it in the Print section. Also I finally got my hands on my Slipstream Longboard! It's funny to see how it turned out. And if I'm not mistaking, the board was a pretty limited edition as well. So I'm lucky to have one. Haha!
I also added some sketches.
There is a long list of projects waiting to release, and a small list of projects waiting to be done. So I guess I just have to fill my summer up with delightful design. And of course my final exam, witch got delayed due to all my work on the Westerdals Festival -Outburst visual profile.
I also managed to add something to my OTHER category. And thats the intro-pieces to the behind-the-scenes feature for the Mars & Venus' DVD. The feature itself is made by Kjeld Ivar Follum and Elisabeth Anderssen.
So school is almost over, and it's time for me to get myself a relevant job.
Anyone reading this working in a major design company witch needs people?
Oh, it was worth a shot.
Till next time, keep on plugg'n!

Hello again. I've been terrible at updating, but I can explain! I haven't really got that much to update with. I've got a few things, but I recon I could wait till I got more, and then it would be more fun for both me and you. huh? I'm blogging the shit out of me, thouhg... visit my BLOG for visuals, and my MYSPACE for updates on whats happening with me, work-related.
I'll update here as soon as I get my hands on more finished stuff ;)

Oh, we're in the second month of 2007 and I haven't been updating for ages... Well here is a little update. I haven't any sketches, but I have 3 new in the Print-section!
First off, a poster I did for El Cuero in December. Well actually I made two versions, for two separate gigs. But they pretty much look the same. Second off, I have the long awaited Amira EP cover! Boy, I've waited for this almost as long as the band has. But now it's done. And I'll take some photos when I have the time. Third off, it's a job for Shit City. A Oslo based band, friends of El Cuero. And my first job for them is a Promo cover. And hopefully, some more jobs will come from them soon enough.
I'm currently having a period with little jobs to do. Eda Lyngra and me are working on the new Insense cover. Witch is going to be quite cool... or haggard. hehe. Metal is metal. I'll be tuning in soon for more updates. :)

Hi everybody! Christmas is closing in, and the sweet panic spreads through the streets of Oslo. Nice. I however, have more or less forgotten about the whole deal.
But that doesn't mean that I don't work with my beautiful clients! I added the brand new Third Brigade Super Special Limited Deluxe Edition EP cover. 100 unique covers for the crazy fans out there, all blessed with gold and bronze paint. And the classical `Promo-cover I made for El Cuero. I've also added a bunch of sketches. So this new update might keep you guys happy over the holidays. Smile.

Oh my good golly.
I've been terribly busy lately, and haven't updated the site in ages. For that, I'm sorry. But here I am with a whole bunch of new material. Including the massive project I had with Third Brigade. Where I made a hundred limited, special edition Ep-covers. And my brain is now even more damaged by the nice aerosol. But I think they turned out quite nice. Other I have some posters for Amira and Third Brigade, El Cuero and Sub Scene. And El Cuero T-shirts! All in PRINT.
The Third Brigade logo made it to the logo-section, and a couple of sketches in the, yeah, sketches section.
I'm happy to announce a new addition in the featured-section. The great band, Amira had an interview about their CD in-progress, and the newspaper showed the front of the cover, whom I am in the middle of making. I'm disappointed in the newspaper, because they cropped the cover all wrong. But hey, you can't win every time.

I hope you will enjoy my latest update and hopefully it won't be ages till the next update. Keep sane, and keep warm.

Oh, It's been a long time since my last update. And the truth is, I haven't got much to update with! I have just started school again. Or, it's not school by normal means; it's more like an in-house design bureau consistent of 15 eager students. And the clients are closing in. It's going to be a fun year.
Check out past years Studio-3 works HERE!
I have some projects just laying around, waiting to be finished. And I'm trying to use the time in the best possible way. They'll come around, soon enough.
For the update, I bring some digital Photoshop-sketches and some photos of the KAADA cd-cover I made for a while back. And a poster for the great indie-band Yonakit. Check it out. Until next time, try to keep it clean ;)

Oh, these rainy days are perfect for snuggling and updating online portfolios! I haven't been up to much creativity lately. I'm ashamed. BUT, I bring you the whole Temp4Life magazine page-by-page! Added in Print. And some typography sketches, and even an entry in the features section. My first appearance in a Design book! Well I hope you like the update. I'll get back to my snuggle.

Hello! I'm finally finished with my exam and I found time to update big this time. First it's my exam, a visual profile for Oslo Museum, as well as exhibition posters, found in PRINT. The LOGO-section has a new addition. There was also a brochure in the assignment, but that is not added. Other, the annual Gullblyantspisseren, always a pleasure, kicked off last week. Besides being horribly drunk, I received nominations in two categories for my and Eda Lyngras Temp 4 Life -magazine. (Witch I'm going to upload next time...) Illustration and Art Direction diplomas, ah, feels good. Added in FEATURED. Just to top it off, I added some few new sketches. And a salute to the people who takes time to check out my site. May you all have a nice summer. Until next time, rest inside the flames and cool down only in shadows of silence.

The sun is up and my morale is down. I'm in the middle of my exam, and late giggles and coffee-cups are a known factor. The only problem is, that I can't seem to squeeze something out from my little head and on to paper. So instead, I've been amazingly productive in other areas. And It's been a long while since I last updated the Painbucket three times in one month. I posted the Adoor-Demo-Covers. (I don't know why I haven't done that before.) And the all-new, haste-project, No Talent Demo-Covers. These bands are cheep, that's why their demos are in black-and-white.
Other, if you have checked my BLOG, the book I'm supposedly in is now hitting shelves all over the world. I'm stoked. Even though I think it's not that great a book.
Oh, well. Back to my afternoon slob.

Oh. So many projects, so little time! And now I'm starting with the final school assignment. A three weeks project containing visual profile, posters and a brochure.
I've got a couple of logos to do. And a Website for Yonakit (the band of X-adoor drummer Magnus) And a demo cover for Ct-prevail and No Talent.
For this update, I've posted the Yonakit logo and the Last-show-ever-poster for the Great band Adoor. I'll miss working for them. I loved their "limited edition-minds".
Lets all take one-minute silence.

The sketchbook took a beating this night, as the scanner was pounding the book for decent sketches; I uploaded a new logo, from a school project. And I'm probably staying up all night making stuff ready for Gullblyantspisseren 2006.And you better check out some new sketches, since I'm not the best at updating that section.

Do you hear the butterflies scream? I'm removing pain from the painbucket and adding more art, or in this case, the largest update in ages.
First, I've added some school projects, like Musikkens Dag Visual Profile and a Photo-Assignment. A superfast poster for Sub Scene, and finally, the finished No Talent gig-poster. And their "new" logo.
There is little time for personal projects at the time. Frykt & Avsky and the various School Assignments are taking over my creative time. The small gaps between work-school and sleep are usually recorded in my BLOG.
Other, the book I'm supposed to be in, published by INDEX BOOK, are hitting the shelves this month. And I'll try to get my hands on it as soon as possible.
In two weeks I'm leaving for Berlin with the school-class. Summer is up next and all hearts are pounding like hell.

Hello there minions of earth. I come bearing a small update. I just got my portfolio back from the higher beings called teachers at my school. I loaned them it as a small gift, and in return I got accepted to the third and final year at my school. The third years are like a small in-house design team with real clients and stuff.

But, back to the update. I shot some terrible pictures of the Kaada-cd-cover project we had at school today, and once I saw how bad they stank; I just uploaded the templates instead. But I'll put pictures of the actual cover once I take some decent photos. -Added in "Print". I also added a small Flash animation in "Others"; it was, sort of, a team effort, but not really. Anyways, It was the most I've ever worked with Flash, so I guess I learned a thing or two. For fun, I added a sketch as well. And I'm currently updating my BLOG more often than my Painbucket. So be smart and check it out every now and then.
Until we speak again, if you don't like being hurt, then please don't stay.


Keep your pants in a twist, because I've got an update to flaunt.  First off I've added my Magazine project, where I focused on hand-drawn artists like Keith Shore and Daryl Waller, and my friend Eivind Molvaer. I made the magazine like a sketchbook, and I'm pretty happy with it. But as all projects, I see a lot of things I could have done better. Live and learn. And the biggest news is the new section in the "Other"-section. Don't hold your pants up, and live to see "body art" at painbucket.com! No other criteria than art on a body, easy! I hope to update it as often as possible. There is also a new sketch added. And I'm currently working for a Norwegian women's magazine named KK, where I process pictures and that kind of work. It's fun, and it's money. I also found out that I was one of the lucky 15 fabulous artists for the week 27.01.06 at NOISE, and than was fun. The next update will feature a cd-cover project, and more snacks for the eyes of the nation. So enjoy yourself and go jump about.

Hey there fancy-pants. I just wanted to point out, without adding it to my Featured-section, that my schools new website has a featured some of my work from the team-effort Wrath & Acceptance Poster assignment. Thanks to Simen, Tommas and Martin.
Check it, and other posters, HERE.

Hey there! I have just a little but super-cool news. And that is, a friend of mine, Preben aka. Pre solvé was surfing the net and came across a blog where some guy (or girl) had some of my last year's stickers. And I was like "What?!" and then I was like "Hell yeah!" So I'm very surprised and very happy. Check it out in the Feature section, or HERE.

Happy New Year! It's a brand new year, and it's packed full of action, love and art. (I hope) Here at Painbucket things will stay the same, and things are added now and then. The New Year brings focus on Frykt & Avsky's site and clients in general. And the school, the school. It will crave a lot of me in the next semester, and hopefully my work will shine through with extra effort. Today I added a silly sketch, the good old Thingslinger logo and my contribution to Simen Øyan Gjermundsens T-shirt store. The Sneek, or sneaker-print is now added in Print. The shirts in the store can be bought right away, so if you are an underground bigshot, go for it. Simen had some freedom with the design, so the tees are not exactly as the original design. Aright kids, see you again soon. Think happy thoughts.

Probably the last update in 2005, so check it. The "vices and virtues" -school project are now added in "print". It's two posters, one illustrates the deadly sin -Anger, and the other illustrates it's opposite -Acceptance. The photos are taken by Simen Øyan Gjermundsen and the model is Tommas Leikvangmoen.
I also added the "hot tea"-logo to the Logo section. And two small sketches also found it's way to the bucket. Not so much new to look on, but after Christmas I hope to have a lot of sketches, and a new No Talent logo.
Frykt & Avsky had its first team-effort assignment, a poster for a show called "The End".  When the F&A-site is updated, it will easily be added there.
All I can do right now, is to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy holiday. And a friggin' fabulous New Year! Hell yeah!

Greetings. So what's new pussycat?
Yeah, the new Adoor buttons added in print, and two new sketches. I plot on putting up last week's school-assignment, but I think I might just have some modifications to look over first.  It's a poster project. Oh, I love posters. Too bad I'm no poster-boy. I will pick up my poster making and try to get the grip on it. Other, the fucking X-mas is racing towards me, and I did NOT see it coming. Hitting in hard this following weeks, I'll bet. I will try to make a whole new links-section over Christmas. So tune in for more hate, love and art.

What the hell is wrong with me when I update 2 times in one week? This time I've added my "sketches" to a school-team-project about package design. The one added now are, then, my suggestions, NOT the final crit. Photos of the dummies and so on will be added in a while.
Look forward to it.
Other, the Frykt & Avsky TEMP website is up and running, while me and Fredrik are plotting on a super site of drugs, sex and rock & roll. We may hire in a code-geek, or get our heads face down in some books. Oh, I wish it were simpler. Anyhow, the link is in the Links section, idiot.  And to all lovers out there, love.

Hello, and gnar-gnar. Oh, what is this? Oh it can't be! Yes! Two updates in the Print section, and One in Logos and finally One in Sketches! Oh, happy day. Well first let me tell you what vie added.
First off, a school assignment.
Grand Hotel T. A visual profile for a fictional hotel. I haven't added the lot, since it's a lot of the same, and the same is boring. Also added in Logos. Second, we have a concert-poster made for Garage Oslo. And last but not least, a dirty sketch. The dirtiest ever. I can't imagine what I have done to deserve these fucked-up thoughts. No, I'm just kidding. It's all so healthy. And good. I hope you get some to. Dirty thoughts, that is.
With this said, it won't be long till I update again. I have a lot going on nowadays.
For good and for bad. 

Aj-aj-aj. I had the most incredible weeks. I am not getting in to any of it to deeply right now, so keep your pants on. BUT. I added my entry to Pedro Guittons T-shirt-360* Design-book to the Print Section. And I added my first Motion to Others. The flick is a school assignment, where I got to learn a little basic After Effects. Its quite funny, if you're Norwegian. Sorry. And I can tell my other works, will have a small stand-still, and in the background the School and Frykt & Avsky (and other crucial factors) -will play in the background, making the new Art even better. Life is good, and you are beautiful.

Ah, I'm worse adding news than adding work. And I hate myself for it, I know that YOU need it all so bad. So, I kicked myself in the face, and went on and did it. There is not a great amount of stuff recently added, but I have a lot coming. Just you wait.
I can brag and mention that I was invited to join in the T-shirt book planned from Index Books. And I am proud. So proud.
Other, me and my good friend Fredrik Melby will soon take the full step and finally start out team-project currently named "Frykt & Avsky" -and we are superstoked.
(Its all a little "hush-hush", but I think I can say so much)
Added in Print, there are two designs for the new Adoor buttons, and I cant say that I'm disappointed.  There is always new things in the Sketches section, so I will not comment any of it here.
Salute for moustaches.
And salute for boners.

Oh, greetings oh, greedy news-lovers. I am sorry if you think I'm no good at updating. But just wait. When I first do, it will blow your mind. Hopefully.
So this news is basically about my new Photo-site. (Mostly for the ones who know me will find this entertaining. You know you like a good drunk. Or a bad.)
Find it in the Links section. And I did a re-design of the Amira logo. We are all happier this time around. Plus I fucked my foot, and became a fucking cripple overnight.
Mock me. Please.

Hello again. Hello. Hello. Oh, school is in session again and I'm loving it. My heart is about to leave for Portugal and there will probably come some great art out of the situation. At best. A school assignment added in PRINT. The illustrations of a fictional magazine cover. Hope you enjoy. Some new sketches also out. I will try to cut down on the Photoshop-sketches and make some the old-fashioned way again. Other news, since I've more or less quit the "screenshot of the month" -thing, I just shout out stuff in the news instead. Like now. Killer 7 on Nintendo Gamecube made my creative mind explode. In the best way. It's THE best creative game (twisted and sick) I've ever played. Recommended to EVERYONE. Oh, the beautiful blood! So until we meet again, have a real good time. Doing whatever it is you do. Props.

Hello again die-hard-fans! Hope you have enjoyed the site so far. I have updated the Web section and uploaded the new Adoor logo. And I am planning to re-make the Amira logo. Since everybody sees "Atura". That's just bad design. Bad mongo! Bad remi. Some new sketches and a plan to make some new T-shirts. For fun and for "I love your t-shirt" (www.iloveyourtshirt.com) I'm starting school again soon, and I am really looking forward to it. And counting down to the end of a life and start of a new.  13 days and counting...

Hey you! Yeah! You! Have you noticed something new? Yeah? A brand new design, easier to navigate, simple HTML and a more reserved news-station? That's right! The news is only for those who want to see it. The sections are simpler, and the presentation in focus. At least I try. I hope the new site makes it a bit easier to look through my stuff.  I will make the LINK section a great deal fancier, but that can wait. To bad the info on my paintings are only in Norwegian, and I probably shouldn't put them there in the first place, but it's a treat for the Norwegians here. For the people! More updates and news coming shortly. Love you!

Hello night crawlers! This monthly update, will disappoint no-man! New photo and screenshot of the month of June. The Screenshot is from www.NoTalentBand.com, where I record all of my progress in the hard and slow job for the Oslo-based band No Talent. I'm going to make Logo, Website, T-shirts and cd-cover. I'm so happy for having a chance to work with bands. Witch reminds me of the Screenshot of the month. Manhattan skyline offered me the fantastic job of being their T-shirt maker. (The actual design made by Fredrik Melby ;) And after a weekend locked in my room with spray cans and 15 T-shirts I came out of it with my life safe and sound. On Sunday I used some models for a photo-shoot, and the day after, at their superb concert, they sold 13 of 15! That's good. For more info, check the Job section in the Archives ;) I can't think of anything more to type-in, now.... so I just wish you the best of luck. In the future. Yes

My drunken ass has been inhaling Aerosol all night from the mass-produce-purpose -making T-Shirts for Manhattan Skyline. The actual design is made by Fredrik Melby, guitar player in the band. After making a bunch of Tees we got to the liqueur and made a mess like nobody's business. I fear for my health, in the future. I've added another of my entries in this years "gullblyant spisseren". The slightly tweaked Salomon snowboard. In the Armada section. I'll just keep watching the judges eat their meals as they spread curiosity all over my school...

Added two sketches to the Archives, and two of my entries in this years "Gull blyant spisseren" The Illustration "Get It Out" and the Updated Ice Tea carton. -in the Armada;)

Hi superheroes! You all are, sometime:) I want to thank everybody who voted for my shirts at www.threadless.com while I cross my fingers for them and the Artschool Reject shirt -"I love you". While we wait, I've added more sketches to the Archives, and carton-design to the Plainpain. A little shout-out to the band No Talent, saying that my work is progressing slowly, but firmly;)

Added my "No-Brain" "superelement" -assignment to the ARMADA section. Take a look-zi.

Hello. Oh, joy! My first two shirts got aproved by Treadless.com! You saw them on my indexpage, and if you havent voted yet, please do so HERE for the "Get it out" -shirt, and HERE for the "No bain" -shirt:) I will be so pleased.

Hi land-rovers;) (Why do I say things like that?) First a news: Eivind (or Smith) Molvaer has a T-shirt steaming away at Treadless.com -and as the good friend I am, I'm asking YOU to take a look at it, and vote it top-notch. If he gets enough votes, it is printed and the Tee is ready for sale. So go do it HERE! The Screenshots and Photos for the month of MAY are up now. The screenshot is from a very talented young girl. Sadly she doesn't have her own portfolio-site, but uses Deviant-art... Take a look at her work Here. The photo of the month makes med humble to say, that The Core has placed a painbucket sticker on his guitar of creation. And I was happy to see this. So... Yes. Hmm. Have a nice trip to the ocean, all. (If yer going)

Hi again. A long time since I updated now. You see, I've had my Powerbook at the hospital for the past two weeks. But now its back and all are happy:) I've added new stuff in Plainpain and Handjob. And a new Pin-up of my beautiful girlfriend in the Archives. Eivind Molvær from ARTSCHOOLREJECT added some of my stuff to his "featuring" section.

I am here with some medium news. I did not end up getting nominated at www.artworkcontest.com. However, I put my entry boards up in the ARMADA section for all to see. About time I added something to the other sections. The archives are getting spoiled by less.. Jeah, okay. Have a nice night.

Yar to all you land-lovers! Back from a pleasant Easter holiday. And man, was it good to come back. Not a lot has happened since last, but I have decided the winners of my amazing contest. As said before. The rank is a split 1. place. And the winners are: LARS HUMLEN with the dazzling "bursdagskort" and MICHAEL NEDREBØ RØDAL with the razor-sharp paintwork "defender of the black castle". The T-shirts will arrive in the mail soon. Other notice, my brother has recently begun drawing Marvel superheroes, and I joyfully added him to the GUEST GALLERY. Check him out
Back with new shit. An early Update! What the fuck!? Yes, you read correct. I've managed to get the monthly update ready BEFORE the actual month. The Photo for April is a photo of me enjoying my holiday on my Pain-Board:P I had more than a couple of fun days at Strandafjellet. Nice weather all the way. All the day. The Screenshot for April are from the amazing Nintendo Gamecube game, Animal Crossing. Witch I am still enjoying nearly six months after purchase. It keeps surprising you. This time, while I was visiting another town, a cat-like-animal steps up to me on the train and it turns out, he has no face!!! He apparently washed it off with the morning wash. How cute. So it was up to me to draw him a new face. Rather nice, I must say. I hope I never see him again. :P
Also, I spread my joy about the holiday around the district. See some? Here

I just added a new section to teh Archives. WORK, where the jobs Ive done end up. New is the Logo and Website for the Band The Core. I know that this section is a "real" portfolio, and I will change that in the new version. But for now, it stays there. Hope you geeks like it.

I just added a crazycool site to my link section. The people who made the Used cover for their newest album. Ring a bell? (www.EYESUCKINK.com) Either way. Its full of wonders to see. I bit creepy for some, I may assume. But you have to take a look. Its great.

Hola, amigos. Today I added a new section to the ARCHIVES. Now and then I post a sketch at a great norwegian site for creative people, called www.STOREDYRET.com. Some of those sketches are now added to the archives. Enjoy.

It's been a while since I've added something real now. So now I'm adding a featuring project I did with Bård Hole Standal of www.Hellobard.com. It was just made for fun, and had more or less a background story. Anyway its added in Archives or you can click HERE. Enjoy. Also, I added the art that always were here in the downloads section to the Archiver as well. And a new screenshot of the month from the coolest site this month, www.DANYBOY.com. Check it out! This dude know his shit! Props. Photo of the month will be up in a week or so. Have a nice weekend;)

And there we are. The contest are officially over. Se the entries HERE. The winners will be picked next week. Last entry by Michael Nedrebø Røbekk. There will be a first, second and third place prize. Kind of stupid, since there were so little entries. Therefore I salute the ones who did a donation! And a shout-out to my bud who wrecked his leg. Peace out. (Also the Monthly additions to the site are a little delayed.)

Hi folks! Tommas Leikvangmoen just sendt me his amazing pink ninja for the contest. It added at Guest Gallery. Enjoy.

For those interested in my drawings, www.nabloodion.com just added my series, Age Of Accessories. Visit Nabloodion HERE. And(!!!) I have added my first Desktop Background right here in the BONUS section on your right. Download your Painbucket background now! I am happy.

Hi fellow earthlings. How are you this afternoon? I've sketched a lot on a new Painbucket and you can see the results so far HERE. I would like to hear your opinion on the new design, so if you've got the time, please e-mail me Here. Once again I would like to point out the "competition". I'm holding. DO send in work. Can't you see its fun? By the way. Happy ValentinesDay!!! Lovers unite!

What the hell is it with people? My competition is a pure failure! Or the world is full of people who have to little time, to little passion, too little work, are too shy, too modest, too serious, and too arrogant. way too little supportive, too dumb, or too smart. Or people just have a problem with sharing a piece of their work with the world in a relatively fun way. I mean, people post daily sketches on Store Dyret. So there are people doing things out there. Ah, I just wanted to say that. Or something similar. That said, I have to praise the ones who actually sent in a piece. And that I'm delaying the deadline to the end of March. Added work by Caramm Ba yesterday. It's a golden one. Bye now. Love you all.

Hi party people. Ive had a portion of complaints about the design and accessibility of my site. And frankly, I am perfectly aware of it. It has bothered me for a while, and since this is my first real site, I learned a lot doing it, but I were not thinking straight. SO, I am currently in development to create a new, more accessible site. Easy to use for those who want a sneak-peek, and still a lot to do and look at for the hardcore fans and surfers. I will be cutting back on the works, only displaying the really good ones. Other news: Nothing much to report. Photo of the Month will be ready by the end of the week. Stay cool people.

Hello! The contest I was holding were obviously a big failure, so I cranked up the hype around it. So now, hopefully, I will recieve dozens of work for the Guestgallery every day:) And it is promoting yourself as well. This Months update will be a bit splitted. As my camera is stuck in Bergen. The screenshot is taken from a crazy series made by Adult Swim, its called "Tom goes to the mayor" It is pretty funny, as well as a new breath in comics due to the style. The new comic is up, after two months. Only in Norwegian:) New work will be added when made. Have a nice day.

Hola! The Nabloodion website is up right about now. I added some work, and will add more in time. Take a look at my friends´work too. www.nabloodion.com.

Hi! New news for you all monkeys. New on site: New Guest Gallery, New section: Archives & Stuff, where the older "photo of the month", "screenshot of the month" (the new is for all the folks that hasn't seen the Girl - "Yeah Right" skatemovie. Directed by Spike Jonze), "comic of the month" and other stuff are there for viewing and here are a nice treat for you all: CONTEST!!! Send in your work to me to be featured in the "Guest Gallery" and at the end of the month I will pick the one I liked the most. And the prize? Take a peek at the "Archives and stuff" section:) All sent work will be displayed. Send to: Remi@painbucket.com

I have decided to not have a monthly update after all. Ill update it as new work are made. So every time you check the site, there will be something new. I will just mention the most important things. And the relevant news. Besides that I sold my first T-shirt today! For anybody who is interested, click here. There are also girl-versions of the same prints:)

Sorry about the delay. I would update the first of every month if I could:) This month I have to update it a little at a time. And I apologize for al the unanswered mails. You see, Internet is a privilege, and all through this holiday I've been without it. It's a shame. I must admit, it's a little strange going over the line towards a new year. Actually it's just a number after all. But it makes us think. A whole year has passed since last January. What did you DO all year? Anyhow, it's not my job writing stuff like this on my webpage, but it is my "job" to update it at least once a month. And this month, like all other, there are new work added to my categories. But this being the holidays and all, the expand of work seems to be a little short. But new work is added frequently. †Have fun and to all, have a nice start to a year we all hope to top the last.

First I would like to thank everybody who had the interest to visit my site the day of arrival. On the first day, the site had 90 visits! Crazy cool. Secondly I would like to take the chance to emphasize that this is NOT my portfolio-site. It's just a site of some of my works. The portfolio-site will be up-and-running some time next year. And it will only have GOOD works. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your visit. I recommend you take time to explore to get the full experience.

Welcome to the Painbucket Portal! Here you can take a look at the diversity of Remi-made works. This is the new site, and I hope you like it. You navigate with the mouse and click on whatever you want to see.: P The Portfolio is my Paintings, the Armada is computer-made, the Handjob is all hand drawn and the Plain Pain are the other stuff that failed to land in the other categories. Enjoy. There are still things to fix. And I will try to fix them as fast as I can. So there will be a lot of updating:) So keep tuning in. The Newsletter is not in order yet. And there will be added info about every work on the entire site. And new work will be announced on the news section. AKA. here:) Have Fun!!!