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El Cuerop Default Poster

Far Coast Illustration1

Far Coast Illustration2

Slipstream Longboards

Westerdals Kompetanse V.P

Amira & Pipedream Poster

Pipedream Poster

El Cuero Poster

Third Brigade Poster

Insense Cd Cover

Shit City Promo Cover

Amira EP cover

El Cuero Poster

El Cuero Promo Cover

Third Brigade Limited Deluxe Ed. Cover

Norway Takeover Tour Poster

El Cuero T-shirts

Third Brigade Ep Cover

Sub Scene Poster #2

El Cuero/Shit City Poster

Yonakit Poster

Kaada Cover Photos

Temp4Life #1

Oslo Museum Posters

Oslo Museum Vis. Profile elements

No Talent new Demo Cover

2nd Adoor Demo Cover

1st Adoor Demo Cover

Adoor-Last Show Poster

No Talent Poster

Sub Scene Poster

Magic of Reading

Musikkens Dag V.P.

Kaada Cd-cover (templates)

The Notebook (Magazine)

Sneek T-shirt design

Vices & Virtues Posters

Adoor Buttons 2nd Edition

Twinings HOT tea (1st edition)

Two Shot Blast Poster

Grand Hotel T Profile

Heart out of Body Experience

Adoor Buttons

Flash Magazine Ill.

Manhattan skyline poster

No Talent EP cover

Get it out ill.

Ice tea & ice coffee

No brain mag.

Age of Accessories poster

Hytte ill.

Evil Banana Syndicate ill.

The creative exodus

Valentines card

Gjenreis sneglen

Season icons

Painbucket v.5 ill.

Deadrobot cards

The Fire Burns -card

Photoshop CS tribute ill.

Art ex. poster

Requiem for a Dream DVD cover

Unset poster 2

Opptak 03 cd cover

Beskytt frosken Ill.

Collection 4 cover

Lovers work harder ill.

1. year card

For Lovers card

Unset Poster 1

8Mnd Card

I love you -card